RA –  N.A.M. (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

38448645_285311905536747_8459694055255703552_oThe term New Age music might conjure images of triple albums of whale noises or the sort of trippy folk music you hear playing in Glastonbury bookshops, but surely new age music can be seen as any music that is ahead of the curve for its moment in time. All creative break-throughs from rock’n’roll to hip-hop to punk to rave and beyond can be considered as heralding in a new musical age to some degree and in the field of electronic music you can easily label N.A.M. as doing the same.

Sitting somewhere between staccato dance music and ambient, and often off-beat, drum and bass, the track wanders through shifting dynamics that encapsulate trip-hop, psy-trance, quietly euphoric rave, if that is even possible and any number of synth led clubland styles. It is this musical restlessness, this chameleon-like desire to shift and shimmer before the listener that keeps things interesting, intriguing even. New Age music? Yes, why not?

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