It’s been a while since The Used Notes music last passed under my pen but I have to say it has lost none of its potency. If Scream Please basked in a more R&B sound, Quiet Revolution is a much more intense experience. It slowly reveals itself to be a more groovesome, dance-infused sound, one driven by a drum and bass energy, heavy and sonorous piano and deep and meaningful lyrics.

And the song itself is a reflection of the power of peaceful protest in the modern age. It talks about the power of the people, of non-compliance and making a stand but does so in a measured and considered way, reminding us that it is we, the people, particularly the little people, the everyday people on the street, who have always had the numbers and therefore the power to invite change.

We’ve always known that but sometimes we just need a gentle nudge to remind us. If that nudge comes in the form of a cool, anthemic and intelligent song…so much the better.

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