Someone wiser, though admittedly less real than me, once said, “with great power comes great responsibility”. It’s a fair point. So it does beg the question, why are the popular kids always so damn mean? And why are some of those that they look down on happy to let themselves get caught in that perceived charisma and do their bidding like nefarious, medieval minions?

Enter “Queen Bee,” the latest sumptuous slice of pop from Edie Yvonne, a song that serves as both commentary and critique on this very subject. With lyrical deftness, she paints a vivid picture of a realm rife with ego, mind games, adolescent politics, and power plays, all set against the backdrop of a cool, slightly retro-infused pop soundtrack. If one were to seek out nostalgic vibes to interweave with a contemporary sound, delving into the echoes of pop’s 1980s heyday is the optimal choice. And that’s precisely what Edie Yvonne has done, brilliantly so.

The result is a song propelled by a subtle R&B pulse, driven by confident and spirited beats that beckon people to the dance floor. It exudes an infectious energy, poised to challenge any chart-bound contemporaries.

Music, as history suggests, operates in cycles, and the ’80s sound has seen a resurgence for some time now. However, while many artists are content to merely pilfer, plagiarize, and pastiche those signature sonic elements, Edie Yvonne opts for a more judicious approach—skillfully weaving those threads into her musical tapestry. The outcome is a song that feels refreshingly new yet oddly familiar.

The real question, it seems, isn’t merely the fact that Edie Yvonne has penned yet another song delving into the realm of social power dynamics and illusory hierarchies; rather, it’s sadly, why she felt compelled to do so in the first place.

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