Put Me In –  Rachel Troublefield (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Rachel TroublefieldWhilst it is a bit of journalistic opt out to throw in big name comparisons right at the start of a review, there is a lot going on here that reminds me of Taylor Swift a few years ago. Like her, Rachel Troublefield sounds like an artist cutting ties with her Nashville base of operations, sonically speaking at least, in favour of the glare and glitter of more pop infused waters. Also like, Ms. Swift, these are songs which are made for the big stage, the arena crowds and chart territory.

Put Me In is an infectious blend of country lilt, pop sass and even dance grooves and chiming synth riffs underpinning the melodies. It is effortlessly likeable, wonderfully memorable and instantly hummable, and when it comes to pop music that counts for much more than technical prowess and virtuosity. That’s not to say that this isn’t a well put together pop song, it is, it could even be on that short list of being a perfect pop song. And what do all those other near-perfect pop songs have in common. Conciseness, the ability to get the job done with the minimal of fuss, staying simple and to the point and the fact that even after one listen they are going to be stuck in your ear for a week. All boxes ticked, add Put Me In to the list.

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