Pulses, Pipes, Patterns – Louis Laurain (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

The classic electro-palette of 8 bit, BBC Micro, SOUND C, A, P, D FOR NEXT loops parsed via VCFs and ramped are all reimagined to suit a 21st-century ear where electronics are substituted with heavily modulated analogue brass instruments interacting with physical-mechanical apparatus that surrounds them.

Nerds, weirdos and datafiles will be drawn to this recording like moths to a flame or charged particles to a British prime minister renowned for combing his hair with a balloon.

Stereoscopic panning (especially through headphones) vibrate the molecules in your brain and you find resonances that create new sounds (possibly invented by your own brain) to complement and enhance the work.

Teleporting the listener to an unfamiliar astral space is how this recording hooks you up. It feels like having a futuristic MRI scan where the machine scans, diagnoses and digitally makes appropriate adjustments to your wellbeing.

If the above appeals then grab a copy, find a comfortable space and allow the thermionic blanket to envelope you.

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