PTSD – Jenn Vix (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Unlocked neatly demonstrated just how unique and nonconforming Jenn Vix is, PTSD shows that she has lost none of that strange attraction since that release, if anything, she might have even travelled even further down the rabbit hole.

PTSD is a beguiling mix of electronic-pop and dark 60’s psychedelic vibes, R&B exploring far ahead of its own curve and skittering trap beats. But it isn’t so much the tangible sonic building blocks that define the song, even though they are pieced together to create an amazingly original sound. Rather, it is something that hovers between, above and beyond the musical components, a vibe, a feeling, darkness, a threat, a warning, claustrophobia, and a sense of danger and foreboding. And that is something that comes from the artist and her ability to fully inhabit the song, mean every word and not just sing it.

There is a reason that she is a sought after collaborator by everyone from Reeves Gabrels, The Psychedelic Furs’ John Ashton, Danny Chavis of The Veldt and Marco Pirroni to name only the tip of the creative iceberg. And this ticking timebomb of a song is an example of why she has such luminaries on the speed dial of her phone.

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