a0397436239_16In most music you can find a reference, a point of origin that lies at the heart of any band, one which consciously, or otherwise, gives us lazy journalists an easy hook upon which to hang our reviewing hat. Sometimes it is a blending of two or more core influences and that after all is how new genres are created and new musical territories explored.


The Inexplicables, however, seem to be coming at you from so many places at once that it is impossible to make a simple hat-hanging related decision and instead you end up throwing the hat away and working your way through a whole series of emotions. Firstly confusion, but that quickly moves into appreciation of just how slick this is and then as a smile cracks your face downright bliss. Then you realise that you want to dance; I never dance so that is a sign of just how infectious this is.


It is sassy and soulful and moves to a chilled hip-hop beat, it delivers cool, sax driven, late night jazz vibes yet has time and space to have something poignant to say, in terms it saunters to a Latin rhythm, plays with reggae forms or swings to a more sultry groove. In short it is dance music, but not as the mainstream media would recognise it, this is world and indeed worldly dance music, a sort of universal currency that could be exported anywhere on the globe and be recognised for just how encompassing it is, not to mention brilliant.

Now I’m not saying that this is the sort of music that can heal the great rifts in our society or help usher in world peace…but it’s a start, right?

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