Remember when pop was fun and full of life? Remember when it was all about substance rather than merely attuned to the latest style zeitgeist? Remember when it was loaded with wit and wisdom? Remember when melody took centre stage rather than studio tricks and gimmicks, awful tech and auto tunning? Well, Meljii certainly does and if find yourself nodding along as you read the above list then you are going to love her latest single, Propeller Hat.

Musically, it is everything pop should be. Buoyant and breezy, full of sass and seductive melody, brimming with life and in love with the simple pleasures of everything that pop can, and indeed should be. But, great as all of that is, lyrically is where it really shows the pack of pap-pop wannabes how it should be done. It takes the timeless idea of love and relationships not working out but does so through some totally new, fun and even brilliantly flippant language.

Meljii is the girl in the silly Propeller Hat, a badge to wit and whimsey when measured against the guy with the sensible work shirts; a medal of honour to impulse and improvisation in stark contrast to his nine to five routines and sensible lifestyle. Let’s face it, it was never going to work out Mel, you are just too good, not to mention silly, fun and full of life, for him.

Propeller Hat is perfect pop. Pop with a sense of fun. Pop without the pretension. Pop from before the record company accountants and massed ranks of co-producers and writers took control of the industry. And despite it coming from such an outsider location, it is the best pop song you will have heard in a very long time.

After all, anyone who can work classic Leslie Nielsen lines into their song is someone very special indeed. In fact, why don’t you date me? You sound perfect and if our first date having an ice cream eating competition on a children’s bouncy castle doesn’t work out, well, at least I will be able to say that I tried!

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