1441514_1019462014746241_7446409939196448411_nI suppose that it is possible that the band have a mysterious benefactor who sends them sheet music and paychecks but whom they have never met and obviously interesting backstories and self penned band creation myths always add a bit of glamour to the tale. True or not, such an idea seems to fit with a band who deal in wonderfully drifting, slightly intangible sounds. As they skitter across psychedelic, ambient and krautrock genres they weave a sound tapestry of fuzzy discordance, washy electronica and hazy vibes that seem to be tumble in and out of each other rather that be set to a pre-ordained pattern.


But the unpredictability is wonderful, the music floats rather than drives past the listener, the vocals tend to sit in the music rather than above it creating a dreamy distant half heard voice rather than a direct and forceful message and the whole thing feels like you are waking from a dream to the sounds of a new day or falling asleep into the music of your own subconscious, either way it exists on that edge of awareness and reality. Some tracks, such as the hushed tribal tones of People Loving Sauce seem to exist for no other reason that because the sounds are interesting to those making them. Art for Art Nikels sake and why not?

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