If the arc of Ben Noble’s sonic journey is one that has seen him wander ever further into pastures new: from analogue to digital, from specific genres to a perfectly positioned post-genre place, from the traditional forms to the more adventurous formats, then Predator is the place where all of these things come together. It is the perfect summation, a calling card and a mission statement for where he is today.

Predator runs on busy, dance-infused grooves, is built on abrasive cascades of angular electronica and is undoubtedly a song with a forward-thinking vibe. But it also houses subtle and supple bass lines and attractive vocals, vocals which make a welcome relief from the usual auto-tuned and shallow lyricism which has become rife in such electronic and pop circles. It is energetic to the point of euphoria and brimming with life, confidence and excitement.

Ben Noble is fearless in moving with the times, embracing new technology and exploring new sounds. He understands that whilst learning from the past is essential, it should never be more important than looking to the future. The future, after all, is arriving all the time, and for now, at least, it sounds like this.






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