With a name like Planet Hot Mix, you should pretty much know what to expect from the album. The fact that SUBNR is an Ibiza-based artist probably leaves you in little doubt. It takes EDM as its core but explores that medium to the fullest and pushes every conceivable boundary, incorporating everything from sassy soul to full-on dance energy in all its forms.

Angel Above Nova leads us in with a masterful take on the Teddy Pendergrass opening vocal from Don’t Leave Me This Way before it transforms into its own slice of vibrant clubland groove. And it is this that defines what the album is all about. A blend of the familiar and the fresh, the past and the present working together to invent the future.

Get Down Tonight mixes soul vibes with rich dancefloor rhythms to create a cool neo-soul take on electronic dance. Lost In Love stays closer to the Ibiza style, with excellent use of dynamics creating the musical peaks and troughs, the sonic ebbs and flows, and if you look up the word euphoric in an online dictionary, it just plays you Earth As It Is. (Probably.) Panic In The Place is a high-octane drum ‘n’ bass floor filler; if the vocals seem familiar, it is because the track is graced by the voice of reggae legend Paton Banton.

Music such as this exists because artists such as SUBNR understand that there is no such thing as a song or tune finding its final and definitive form and that there is always something you can do with it to breathe new life into it. Music like this thrives because artists such as SUBNR do it so well. It’s as simple as that.






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