With a title like that, you expect the song to either be crazy as a cat’s whisker or dark and brooding with nods to HP Lovecraft or Edgar Allan Poe, refreshingly, it is neither. As slices of trancey electronic dance music goes it’s mightily impressive. Built around a twinkly keyboard riff, the music can grow nicely upon the stable foundation. At times it feels like a mix between Kraftwerk and the Vangelis soundtrack for Blade Runner, nostalgic and reflective in equal measure. Alien Labyrinth are made up of duo Nigel Hopkins and Rich P and they have been pumping out trance music for a few years.

I’m no expert on electronic music, my experience of it is from the night clubs of the 90’s or those European films and tv shows that seemed to have a Moog synthesiser standing by for all types of accompanying sounds, but there is something accessible about this tune. Put it on loop and it is a vehicle to immediate calm. I particularly like the high-pitched tone that sounds to me like a nod to Jimmy Sommerville’s voice from the Bronski Beat and Communards hey-day.

If you want something different from Christmas songs at this time of year, this might be well what you are looking for, so if you fancy a break from jingly sleigh bells and brass bands and wish to retreat into your own thoughts for a while, check this out.

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