There is always something interesting about reviewing music in a language other than your own. Without the direct communication of the words to lead you, it is to the music that you turn for guidance. Here, if done properly, is where you find, not only the essence of the song but feelings and vibes that go beyond mere words – empathy, honesty, a bond with the artist and the music – a more meaningful communication built from elements that bypass the head and connect with the listener’s heart, perhaps even their very soul.

And that is exactly what is happening on this latest single from Don Pasquale Ferone. It is the cascades of gorgeous guitar work, the lilting rhythms and the gentle vocals which grab the listener.

With limited knowledge of the Italian language (and a lot of help from google translate) I find out that it is essentially a love song, a celebration of faith and trust in a higher power, and the act of dedication and devotion put into song.

But it works on all levels. It is Don Pasquale Ferone’s way of celebrating his own faith. For others, it could be a more general love song. And if like me, the language might pass you by, it is simply a gorgeously uplifting and dexterously delivered tune. Everyone is a winner.


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