Party’s Over – Rockie Brown (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The best music always has something to say. And it is worth remembering that all movements that matter, from rock’n’roll to hip-hop, from punk to grime, have been born out of dissatisfaction, restlessness and outrage. Throw into that mix Rockie Brown, who has never been shy in coming forward, has never been one to hold back what she truly feels and you have the perfect vehicle for the perfect anthem for our times.

Specifically, it is a fist in the air slice of incendiary, rock-rap fighting the corner of women’s rights, more generally it can be seen as speaking for the underdog wherever you may find them. Relentless rhythms and sultry grooves reappropriated into righteous rants and barricade charging calls to arms, this is exactly the (rock and) role of music in the world today…and Rockie Brown is the perfect disruptive, subversive and rabble-rousing cheerleader. You go girl!


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