Parts –  Itay Lavi (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

51eWn1YKlQL._SS500If the term instrumental rock immediately conjures up thoughts of being in the lift of a big department store or the background score for an advert announcing the new season of Formula 1 racing, then you need Itay Lavi in your life. Yes, instrumental rock is exactly what is going on here, put Lavi is cleverer than your run of the mill rock show-boater, and Parts will prove to you just why that is. He may use all the usual building blocks of the rock composer – guitar riffs, steady bass pulses, confident drums, cool lead breaks, nothing new there, but it is how they are deftly entwined that is the real charm of the record.

Whereas some guitarists would be interested in bombast and over the top technicality, Lavi is more interested in subtlety and flow, the songs still move along at a decent pace, they groove and spark but they do so in the same way that, say Steely Dan constructed their own sonic gems. And this soulfulness, this west-coast infused style is tempered by rock from more progressive climes and the subtlety of the former and the deft mechanics of the latter make perfect bedfellows.

Like all instrumental creations, without the direct communication of lyrics, it is up to the listener to paint the scenes and scenarios suggested by the titles and the sound of the music, unlimited by what the artist himself has designated the song to be about, each is limited only by the listeners imagination and therefore different from person to person.

Desert Breeze follows some gentle and exotic lines whilst Safe Place drips with a feeling of tranquility. But it is Escape of The Dragon which brims with excitement and energy, heading further into the traditional realms of someone like Stevie Vai rather than the previous calmer waters that the album shares with people like Pat Metheny. 

It’s a great album, full of dynamic shifts from soaring crescendos to brooding breaks, virtuosity balanced with understatement. Who needs lyrics when music can talk to you this eloquently?

Check the album out HERE

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