Today sees the release of Paranoia As a Way of Life, perhaps the defining sonic moment in a series of career defining moments in the journey to date for Mr Dog The Bear. It is an album which sees the eloquent and often disarmingly vague characteristics of music tell its stories rather than try to create a narrative through anything as common place as direct lyrical communication. In fact, one august journal, admittedly this one, went as far as to describe it thus..

“Perhaps Mr. Dog The Bear’s greatest skill is to be able to talk to us through the music, evoking moods and feelings where words simply wouldn’t cut it, creating a language that transcends language, using chords as letters, percussion as punctuation, rhythm as rhyme to build something not limited by anything as caged and confined as writing”

Combining beat and beauty, post-rock muscle and accessible melodies, classical infused landscapes with rock energy, groove with grace, elegance with eloquence, jazz ornateness with funky rhythms. It’s got it all. And that is just the title track. Imagine what else might lay within? This is timeless music for these times.

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