If a Jefferson Airplane crashed into a Marquee Moon then the resulting sound might be a lot like this record.

The guitar parts periodically echo Tom Verlaine and are subsumed into rich swells of prog rock guitar overdubs and sweet folksy vocal harmonies. There’s a lot going on and that ensures multiple listenings.

Some enthusiastic forays into the metal arena give the recording an additional and substantial turbo boost. This supplies both weight and depth to the work.

The overall feel of the album evokes a personal journey from West coast to East coast America and possibly back again. Or maybe the reverse of that.

This is not generally a genre that I would feel comfortable or confident writing about however there was enough deviation from my expectation to keep me engaged throughout the listen.

I understand that most or all of the parts are played by Paul and although I commend that, I would like to hear the other parts played by a full band if only to experience it in a live setting or with alternative interpretative possibilities.

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