Some may argue that there is a line between fantasy and reality – but there are times when they blur, as is the case with Parabola West’s debut album Stars Will Light the Way. We are over the moon to announce that Stars Will Light the Way will be available to the public on Friday April 29th, alongside a truly exquisite limited edition art book.

Through Stars Will Light the Way, Parabola West offers a magic-infused experience for the listener’s ears, eyes and energy. The album was recorded at the healing frequency of 432Hz, and each song centres upon a different character, sharing an aspect of their life. West beautifully melds sound, vision and symbols to guide the listener’s imagination in painting their stories.

It’s a unique package for a New Zealand artist to release, and whilst West has been in the process of lovingly crafting the album for the last five years, she has also been intricately involved with the creation of this stunning book.

While ‘Stars Will Light The Way’ will be available on CD and digitally for those just wishing to have the music, she will also be releasing a special limited edition deluxe package that includes the CD and a 48-page hardcover fantasy book of lyrics and images.

Amplify magazine says, “Exclusive indeed, limited to 100 copies – a unique artistic offering that sees the artist transformed into a different character to represent each song.” Here we meet Frozen Heart, Haunted Hannah, Moon Witch, Sky Painter, Melancholy Mermaid, Dreaming Dryad, Winged Warrior, Memory Mirror, Steampunk Sorceress, Flower Girls, and Nephilim’s Daughter.”

On April 29, Parabola West’s Stars Will Light the Way will be released everywhere digitally, including Spotify and Apple Music.

While the download can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp, the deluxe package which includes the book is available exclusively here, through her Paraboland store.  Digitally, it can also be pre-saved or pre-added on a range of platforms.

Parabola West also releases her new single, ‘The Best Thing’, on April 29th, to give you a taste of the album. She says of the song, “‘The Best Thing’ is about the feeling of being emotionally under water, adrift in the sea of uncertainty because you’ve lost your compass.”

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