Panic – Corzine (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Some music seems to not concern itself with conforming to this style or that genre but instead heads straight for the part of the music annals which concerns itself with the classics. A bold statement but Panicis one of those songs. One which feels as if you might easily have been listening to it for the last twenty years, ever since it made a home for itself at the top of the charts for a month or so back in the day. But that isn’t the same as nostalgia. This isn’t a plundering of past glories, it’s as fresh as the morning and twice as invigorating, its just that songs which end up in the classic section of musical conscience tend to be united by one thing. Great song writing. And Panic has that in no small amount.

A gentle pop ballad, spacious and light which slowly blossoms as it goes, through subtle layering and, deft and warmly textured additions. Keyboards breeze through, basses pulse with poise and the vocals seem to combine everything cool about the here and now and everything stylish about the recent past. Those of us of a certain age might hear Eddie Brickell or Cowboy Junkies in its sonic charms but like all soon to be classics it doesn’t need namedrops to help sell it. Just have a listen and tell me that you didn’t immediately play it again.



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