Pandemonium – The Essential Bellowhead (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

11949514_10153543779855460_8379420923280810118_nOver the last ten or more years, Bellowhead have divided opinion. To some the saviours of folk music whose fusions of traditional sounds and clattering orchestrations opened new possibilities for the genre, to others an aloof, over egged sound built more on classical disciplines than the free ranging jam band they appeared to be. Whichever view you hold you can’t deny that their presence has loomed large on the folkosphere, selling albums by the pallet load and being showered with accolades and awards where ever they went.

With the departure of band leader Jon Boden the rest of the band have decided to not try to continue without him and so Pandemonium acts as a farewell compilation album to accompany the final tour.

13 of their best-loved songs capture their mix of folk dexterity, marching bandemonium, grand musical designs and sheer infectiousness. Go out on a high? Tick. Leave them wanting more? Tick.

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