Pain in My Side – Time Dilation Unit (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

With a slight nod to Kaiser Chiefs, the new single from new-wave punk band Time Dilation Unit tackles the relatively recent phenomenon of self-diagnoses, or, to be more precise, self-diagnoses with the ‘help’ of the internet.

‘Pain in My Side’ will get your head nodding within seconds and its production means each word and lyric is clear, it’s probably something all of us (of a certain age) has done at some time or another and is a good basis for a song allowing the band to have fun and play with the not-too-serious subject.

At a little under three minutes it’s a smash-and-grab of a song and full credit should go to the band for the catchy chorus and keeping the energy – that this song will no doubt be received with when played live – under control.

Great stuff!

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