Pageantry – Letting Up Despite Great Faults (reviewed by Dave Franklin)


15542331_10158175803380122_6676403006975390976_nThere is a clear reverence for post-punk nostalgia indicated by this single release from LUDGF’s forth coming Alexander Devotion ep; the ghost of New Order Christmas past certainly looms large over the beats and vibe of the song, yes, nods are made to such 80’s icons but they also take those flavours and cloak them in the hazy, musical language of the 4AD school.

But that is where they come from, what I am interested in is where are they going. Well, anywhere they want really. Theirs is a sound which is underground enough to be cultish, cool enough to catch the hipster ear and accessible enough to demand mainstream attention, it is both heavily beat driven and toys with the pastel hues of psyched and dream pop. Offering something for everyone hardly ever works so it is a  good trick if you can do it. And boy, can’t they just ….

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