Blackpool is famous for it’s Tower Ballroom, it’s illuminations and seaside rock, and boy do these lads from Blackpool know how to rock!

If you like your music to have prominent drums, distortion-heavy guitar, chugging bass and a singer giving it some welly, then read on, The Senton Bombs tick all those boxes. Add to that some very good songs and you’ve got a very brief idea of what expect from this band.

The influences jump from the music like a who’s who of heavy rock, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Guns n Roses, Green Day, Foo Fighters and there is even space for a well written rock ballad (the type I haven’t heard since the final days of the big-hair rock scene of the early nineties).

I’m a sucker for a good opening track but we’re given a slight delay in what to expect, easing us in gently to the energy that is contained within the eleven tracks, track two, ‘Who We Are’, enters the scene with drums and attitude and we’re away.

Guitar solos, catchy melodies and choruses and it’s immediate that this is a band so steeped in their music that to play anything else would be a waste of their collective skills, this is leather and denim music to drink your Jack Daniels to!

‘Reckless Youth’ is a song for punk rockers and moon stompers while songs like ‘I Am Ablaze’ and ‘Dead Revolution’ keep your heart pounding to its raw energy.

Final track ‘Wake the Maker’ is a fantastic closing song, by now you’re aware that this band can write and perform but, for those still a little unsure, this is the final proof, this is a good band with good songs and that’s a powerful combination.

Lock up your daughters,  ladies and gents, because judging by this, there is a new band in town!

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