Open My Mind –  Tough on Fridays (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Although Tough on Fridays describe themselves more often than not as indie or alternative-rock, I still hear the ghost echo of early New York punk in their energetic sonic assaults and the incendiary musical salvos. Not the later punk that became all about art and image, fashion and ego, but the early stuff, the street urchin rock bands who melded tough melodies with an infectious swagger. But I guess it’s just an age thing, their direct influences may lie more in 90’s alternative, underground and college rock but you can bet that the people who made those records were soaking up the vibes of the bands I have just described. So we arrive at the same place in the end.

This first offering from the Lost and Found EP is a gloriously straight down the line rock beast, but one that swerves the testosterone and cliche and just gets on with the job of making gloriously euphoric and uplifting songs for a new generation of long-hairs and denim jacketed acolytes…not that they dress like that anymore but you know what I mean. Raw, infectious and to the point rock ‘n’roll …it’s what they do.

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