282344_1007714589295847_4912626238045118667_nThankfully now that we are a generation on from those lump-headed days when any talk of synths, samples and anything not seen as “proper instruments” had narrow minded “proper music fans” racing for their moral high ground, bands such as Ooberfuse can be fully appreciated. Their ethereal electronic pop blends and girl-boy vocal deliveries are wonderfully easy on the ear but totally engaging at the same time, the combination being a one way, all expenses paid ticket to Ear Worm Central.


It’s the simplicity that makes it work so well, even with the swath of possibilities that electronic music puts at their finger tips, rather than over texturing the song to create their effect, they head in the opposite way and strip things back to their most simple and create gossamer thin musical threads, subtle washes and spaces filled more by atmosphere than music.


If this is the sound of the future of pop music then I need to start building that time machine so that I can fast forward a few decades and greedily experience it all right now. Right, where did I put my sonic screwdriver?

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