Only You (Viral Dance Style All Over the World for the Joy of Living) – Lord Conrad (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is something utterly and infectiously joyous about this latest release from Lord Conrad. But that is the art of making dance music in a nut shell. Too many people working in the broad progressive dance field, ignore any thoughts of moving the genre forward and instead stick to the same few musical tricks, overloading the song with sonic gimmicks and weigh it down with layer upon layer of studio tricks.

Only You stands out not only because of its forward thinking nature but also because of the space that it employs. It may drive on a fairly energetic beat but beyond  and between that there is plenty of room for the song to breath. Less is certainly more, as the old adage goes and after all, this is dance music, beats to ignite the club floor with; get the groove right and you need little else to capture the punters attention.

The song and video is also dedicated to the victims of the Corinaldo nightclub tragedy which saw an unexplained stampede at a Sfera Ebbasta gig result in six fatalities. Lord Conrad is one of many Italian artists calling for better security and tighter safety being in place at gigs and clubs to avoid something similar happening again.

And in spite of such a tragic event all you can do is hope to inspire people, remind them to follow their dreams, to not dwell on the negative and to explore their passions and creativity and that is exactly the message that beats at the heart of this song.

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