One of the things I love about the music makers of the modern era is that they are unburdened by the old tribal allegiances, that they take no notice of the generic demarcations that used to guide, and indeed separate, the music scene. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the face of popular music, the realms of the chartable artist and the mainstream community. In the past pop was pop, dance dance, soul soul and never the twain shall meet. Not so anymore and if you need proof then just give this latest full-length release from Tash Nidai a spin.

One Breath is certainly an album that will find favour in the popular musical waters as described above, but to call it merely a pop album is to do it a major disservice. It may be pop in its heart but it is the other musical sounds and styles that Tash weaves through his songs which elevate it way beyond.

Take a song like Can’t Run Away, a blend of ambient electronic beats, neo-soul grace and understated yet accessible R&B attractions, a sure-fire winner for the young pop-picker but with a much wider appeal within the more discerning musical quarters too.

Lose Myself is epic, anthemic and earnest yet does all of this without opting for the usual bombast and boisterousness, Inside You is a hushed, late-night balladesque slice of otherworldly alt-pop and album closer, Return To You mixes chilled minimalism with shimmering percussion, liquid lulls with slowly spiralling dynamic lifts.

If you want to know what pop, for want of a better word, should sound like in our post-genre world, then One Breath is a great place to start. It tells you everything you need to know about the future of pop music in particular and music in general and neatly explains why words like genre, label and style should be struck from the music dictionary immediately!


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