Once Upon a Day: A Lot More Funny – Snooknuk (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although contemporary music has always been heavily aimed at a teen audience, it should never forget to cater to other age demographics. The more serious end of rock and indie music already provides for a more mature audience but the pre-teen and very youngest music fans’ needs should never be overlooked either. After all, these are the people who will, within a decade, be the main drivers of pop sales.

But for now such an audience is looking for music at its most innocent and most fun and that is what Snooknuk provides so ably with this album. And although the lyrical message may be quite a simple one, the production values, the musical deftness and the quality of the music found here rivals anything pitched at older music markets.

Snooknuk neatly hops between pop, soul, doo-wop and musical theatre styles and lyrically she never belittles the audience, treating them as equals and delivering lyrics which would equally be suitable on many a popular pop hit.

Once Upon a Day: A Lot More Funny shows that not only can education be fun, it demonstrates that it can be done through the smartest and most sassy creative pathways. No wonder Snooknuk’s music is fast becoming a staple of the education system from pre-school groups to family festivals alike and everything in between.

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