On Ya Mark – Take1 (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

More people should take a leaf out of Take1’s book and adopt a similar positive attitude. Whilst a lot of rap and hip-hop seems to be about finding a quick fix to getting what you want out of life, On Ya Mark takes a more honest route and it is clear that he isn’t scared  to work hard to reach his goals. And it is a positivity which carries through to the music too. Not for him the mumbling, incoherent raps, the mediocre electronica and the out of the box beats that many of his contemporaries opt for. That is the lazy approach and not his way at all. No, this is rap which remembers its roots, remembers the power of real lyrical dexterity and passionate, confident deliveries, it remembers the punch of pulsing bass lines to really drive the song, solid backbeats and a memorable groove.

There is a reason why rappers and hip-hop music makers keep coming back to those sturdy sonic building blocks, it’s because they work and Take1 not only makes them work here, he makes them earn their money too. On Ya Mark is the best of both worlds. It is everything cool and cutting edge about the modern urban music sound but it also tips its hat to the classic sounds of the past and it is this blend of past and present which is how you build the future.

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