On My Own – Backyard Quests (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As soon as the almost a capella delivery of the lyrics greet the listener, there is a feeling of freedom writ large across the sonic canvas. On My Own is about the twin feelings of escape and freedom, that sensation of being untethered and breaking free of the shackles of the past mixed with the fear of the unknown that awaits; adrenalin meets adventure, the chance to write a new chapter on the blank page which is set before you.

And these ideas are communicated over a fairly relaxed, perhaps even understated, musical groove. Beats wander freely, never seeming to be in a hurry, the rhythms are wilfully considered and wonderfully sparse and even the vocals are so spacious that you can hear the sonic weaves that act as the platform below.

It’s a cool song, a new sort of trippy pop song forged of restrained dance elements, the result being a track that would be as welcome in the chill out rooms of the most exclusive clubs as it would be in the mainstream charts. 

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