On My Mind – Sabiine (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Sabiine was looking to produce the perfect chilled pop song for the modern market then she has got as close as anyone else I have heard in a long time. And I think the secret is that although the overall sound is massively contemporary, it is built from older, more graceful components. Not so much in the way those sonic building blocks actually sound, more in the way they emote, the vibe that they give off.

Yes, the beats are of the here and now, the electronica is certainly up to date but between that the digital sounds are woven into gentle strings and way washes adding a sweeping, neo-classical grace. And then there is Sabiine herself. She has a voice which resonates wonderfully with today’s pop sound but one which echoes with a hazy, classic soul vibe and a gentle R&B feeling. And it is these musical choices to embrace both the past and the present which makes On My Mind stand out from the pop pack.

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