It is nice to come across a rap track with a real purpose. All too often, artists seem content to wax lyrical about things that don’t matter – their ambitions, how they feel put upon by others, money, the game, women and cars and do so in such self-aggrandising ways. Not TapWaterz.

Here we have a track that deals with the bigger, more philosophical side of life and does so via a groove-heavy, infectious and driven slice of contemporary rap. It blends all the traditions of rap past with all the potential of where the genre goes next.

The song also comes from a very worthy place too. TapWaterz is a co-founder of 4 Wheel City, and it is distributed by RAMP’D (Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities.) TapWaterz is a wheelchair user and On God also features blind rapper QuestionsATL. The song was released as part of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and it, along with Black Girl Cornrow, marks the first release for RAMP’D Records.

Not only a great track but one that comes from a most poignant and powerful place. If music has a part to play beyond mere entertainment, it is to spread important messages and raise awareness for causes and situations. That is precisely what is going on here, and long may it continue.

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