14650537_615433198618737_8738793973041038570_nOkami is what happens when indie music decides to turn away from the well-trodden, primary coloured and fashion-focused path and has a bit of a fling with dream-pop. Admit it, they were destined to hook up at some point and as the smoother and less tangible moods of the latter cool and temper the often brash and more obvious urges of the former and the result is a slick and finely measured tune.

And yes, your peers will be telling you that you’ve changed since you have been going out with her, but all that has happened is that you have found the perfect relationship, one that makes her (dream-pop…are you keeping up with the analogy?) more purposeful and you (indie) more focused and mature.

Forget those brash sounds that you used to hang around with; everyone can see that you were made for each other. Will it last? Will she leave with half of your CD collection saying it isn’t you, it’s me? Well, with a new EP underway it won’t be long before we find out.

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