It is when we fear that the worst is happening that we find ourselves focusing on what is really important. The false missile alert in Hawaii last year probably made a few people think about what really mattered to them in those minutes between thinking the worst and realising that it was all a big mistake. Being someone who expresses himself through the medium of music for Jacq, it resulted in this gorgeous slice of minimalist pop.

Oblivion exists at the point where all the materialism, all those shiny objects, all of the things we thought important, our hoarded collections and belongings fall away, where money means nothing and you are forced to dwell on the one thing that you couldn’t live without. And so the song is a gentle admission of undying love, the most honest and basic declaration and the most beautiful of songs for being brave enough to express such a sentiment.

Based on a simple rhythmic guitar and a soft and soothing vocal, little, except for a few sonic embellishments that hang in the middle distance, nothing gets in the way of the message and that is just how it should be.

As the first of six monthly planned single releases this is a brilliant musical calling card, not only a song that builds wonderful anticipation for what is to follow but a song that proves that if you get the sentiment right musically speaking then with the exception of a few deft sonics to frame it, the job is pretty much done.

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