Numbskull – Wesley Wolfe (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

wolfe1So much music is made about the trappings of youth – success, lust, love, desire, hedonism and the outward image, the thoughts and desires of someone transitioning into the real world for the first time. Numbskull, is an album that explores the mature equivalent of such revelations, the more considered thought processes of the adult mind and coming to terms with the paths you choose in life.


It is kitchen sink philosophy struggling with life, love and the loss of youth all put to some rousing alt-rock grooves and indie pop sensibilities. And if musically the songs often seem simple, straight beats and clean guitar lines, each visit peels back another layer or reveals some hidden detail that make you realise how well crafted these songs are. Numbskull, despite its self-deprecating title is not only a cleverly constructed and thoughtful piece of work, it is an album that grows in stature with each play.


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