Nuclear –  Leiva (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Building on the commercial and critical success of Monstruos, Leiva returns with his fourth solo album, the latest chapter in a journey that has been revealing this innermost emotions and revelling in the most elegant and eloquent music since day one. I have to confess that as a Brit and being lazy at learning the languages of other nations, there is a language barrier, Nuclear of course being written in Leiva’s native Spanish, but is this a problem? Not in the slightest.

One of the things that often gets overlooked about the vocal contribution to a record is that whilst it is used for literal communication it is also an instrument in its own right. And so as Leiva waxes lyrical, he might not connect with my head in that way that language is designed to do but does he talk to my heart, do his words dance with my soul, is he able to use only his voice to cocoon my senses in gorgeousness…yes, yes and a resounding yes!

Nuclear is a dynamic album, playing with genre and sonic weight alike, from the groovesome latin rock and roll of Lobos and the anthemic title track at one extreme to the hushed and drifting piano ballad that is Costa de Oaxaca at the other. A masterful addition to his already impressive body of work and the perfect record…yes, I still call them records…to give to someone who thinks that European music begins and ends with the British music industry!

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