953163There has always been a strange mix of, what should be, mutually exclusive qualities in Tombstones in Their Eyes music. Somehow it is sky scrapping yet graceful, muscular yet intelligent, built from loops and pedals, effects and warped guitars yet it seems primal and ancient. It is dramatic, wide screen and darkly cinematic yet is intimate in that it communicates directly with the listener, often emotively as the lyrics are so far embedded into the music that they are often lost in the sonic storm.

Silhouette kicks off by wandering through soundscapes that balance narcotic intensity with industrial slabs of guitars, that are at once both sonorous and languid and it is such juxtapositions which are the beauty of the band. That ability to make music which goes beyond heavy, which feels like the shifting of tectonic plates or the slow destructive singular intent of a glacier yet never resorting to the usual testosterone fuel gimmickry that often goes hand in hand with such extreme music.

Take Me Away moves in such a strange, uncommitted way that it constantly feels as if it is about to grind to a halt, all anticipation that tantalisingly never delivers and coiled tensions that never resolve and the title track that rounds things off heads into MBV territory, swapping some of that musical weight for beguiling, half-heard melodies and swirling psychedelic patterns.

Tombstones in Their Eyes are masters of such brilliantly conflicted music and over a series of releases have carved their names above the cavernous musical maw that few are brave enough to follow them into. Intense, scary, beguiling and in its own bleak and uncompromising way, quite beautiful.


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