Iain Harvie may have returned to the Del Amitri fold but that doesn’t seem to have slowed Aliens down. Not one little bit. And Nothing is the proof. It’s a song that sits in that wonderful and rarified space where pop melodies, indie cool and rock swagger all seem to coalesce and collide; a place that many bands try to search for but few find their way to. It’s a place that Aliens seem to have made their own.

Nothing is a great song. It comes on with an energetic drive and immediacy, and procedes to weave in some subtleties and sonic subduction before gathering itself up and engaging the higher rock gears. But, it stops short of merely playing any boring, machismo rock and roll games, mainly through some chipper and chirpy harmonies through the chorus, not to mention some cool indie dynamics – swirling guitars, energetic but unfussy backbeats, all of which serve the song and only the song, egos and showboating have left the building, and Tim May’s vocals which drip with restrain and eloquence.

Add to that a video made up of a gorgeous carnival of humanity, a celebration of the great and good, the denizens of this diverse and beautiful world and a message of pride and value in ourselves, and you have a great sonic/visual one-two punch. It’s what Aliens do. Check it out….now!

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