Not Around – Tacboy x Rude Minor (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If hip-hop is all about edge and outsider status and pop music is about infectiousness and mass accessibility, the point where these genres cross over is going to be the best of both worlds. And if you need proof then just give this cool collaboration between Tacboy and Rude Minor a spin.

The track is built on a sassy and seductive pop-EDM groove, one that is about lush hypnotic sonics rather than any idea of sucker-punching the listener with overused studio tricks or musical gimmickry.

The result is a hushed and understated slice of music, a song that will find mass appeal through its easy ways and mainstream-friendly qualities but which is still out there and edgy enough to please the more discerning urban music aficionados.

The perfect blend of cultishness and commerciality, the mainstream and the underground, a fantastic bridge between sonic worlds and musical genres and the right balance of familiarity and freshness. It’s difficult to think of anyone in the modern pop/dance world who won’t find this song easy to love.


No, can’t think of a single one.

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