Not knowing what to expect from this record but the cover artwork made me pick it up from the review pile.

The first thing that strikes me is the beautifully harmonious musical arrangements throughout that are expertly augmented with intelligent lyrical devices.

The vocal range is impressive. At times, a modern interpretation of nostalgic crooning but without the annoying and unnecessary Bubléan affectation. There are moments of (Neil) Hannon-esque quirky comic delivery which is a good place to be if you are somewhere on the crooning spectrum.

I love the sensitive and sparse use of strings and this evokes memories of the otherworldly Robinson Crusoe TV show from the 1960s.

As you are led through the album there is definitely a feeling of sharing a travel odyssey. You’re never quite sure exactly where you are but that’s probably a good method to approach travel.

The very least you will come away with after listening to this recording is a better understanding of how to prepare and cook manioc without poisoning yourself and that has to be a good result.

If you like dark comedic travelogue-inspired croonfolk, then this is very much the personal sonic niche for which you have always been craving.

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