Pianos and percussion form the armature on which nuance and mood hang precariously.

This 6 track recording is built around a simple left hand that can feel clumsy or delicate or unsettling depending on how you feel about it. The right hand explores simple melodies and these are often bound up in arpeggiating runs that the drums can mingle with. The drums link the changing patterns and bring both texture and cohsion to what sometimes feels like a left hand / right hand schism.

There are nods to Nyman, Glass and Arnalds throughout. These may be intentional or by osmosis or a synergy in piano melody mining activities.

The overall feel of the work evokes potential soundtracks to films yet to be made. I was reminded of some old Czech animations from the 1960s and as a bit of fun watched some while listening to the CD. It works. Automatically. For me anyway.

I understand that David Andre (aka Gregario) has done significantly disimilar work in previous incarnations and I’m off to check those out right now.

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