NOA|AON – Pavel Stuchlik (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

18527592_1295314980544287_5329539011371923689_nWhen you think of music described by its creator as “designed to be reflective and transformative,” your brain usually does a silent scream as thoughts of whale noises and new age meditation music is conjured up. Thankfully, Pavel Stuchlik offers something much more intriguing and interesting with his sonic vision of what inspirational music can be. As an ex-professional cyclist, now creating music designed to challenge, there is an inherent energy and drive, not to mention eclecticism, in the music that is probably linked to the disciplines he needed to push himself physically and mentally in his chosen sport.

AON in this case stands for All or Nothing, here representing that there is no such thing as a middle ground, as has been said before you can either do or do not, you can either be or not be and musically he links powerful and uplifting samples with beats and incidental instrumentation of his own creation to further such an idea.

This long, continuous piece of music is ever evolving, ever shifting, blending past music glories and familiar sounds with his own infectious musical visions and whether you are looking for music to work out to, to dance to, to party to or just to be moved by, you will find it all in NOA|AON.



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