No Directions –  Lucid Illusions (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Books and covers eh? What have we learned about them? We should have learned not to judge but I still fall for their game. To me a name such as Lucid Illusion suggests that what might come emanating from my speakers would be something hazy, shoegazy, dreamy and drifty. Boy was I wrong! No Directions is actually a cool slice of indie rock that taps into some old school rock ’n’roll sonic moves with only a slight tip of the hat to nineties pop-punk.

As such it is built from solid rock grooves with just enough swing going on in the engine room, something that is often overlooked by young bands (it’s the same swing that makes AC/DC a rock and roll band, not a metal band) and a clean-limbed and spacious structure. They get that rock isn’t about doing lots of showy things all at once, its about locking down a simple groove and driving it to its logical conclusion. And that is exactly what is going on here. Okay, it is not going to change the world but it will certainly make your week and that’s more than most music can claim to do!

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