Let’s start with a bit of background. Tell me about the musical path that got you all to where you are today and brought you together as Elk City. Were you always a New Jersey band?

Ray: Our path is long. Renee and I started Elk City in 1999 as a trio. Our first few albums and EPs were with that early line-up. We’ve altered line-ups and approaches along the way. Though we have the studio in New Jersey, we’ve always thought of ourselves as a NY/NJ band because we always have a few members who live in New York….

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  1. […] Elk City is another of those bands who have slightly wrong-footed me of late. (Yes, Black Nite Crash, I’m looking at you.) Bands who have released a great lead single, one that makes me think that I have the band’s sound pegged, and then when the album comes out, it makes me realize that they are a much more complex and fabulous beast than I ever gave them credit for. That’s the trouble with judging sonic books by their musical covers or, in this case, putting too much store in just one single… […]

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