image002This is madness! That’s a good thing right? I often write about the delights of the modern, post-genre approach towards making music, but Lunacre take it to the extreme. Engine takes an acid-jazz vibe and a trip-hop groove and proceeds to use this platform to construct a track that hovers on the edges of late night, soulful r’n’b, hazy, ambient electronica and subverted pop and sends it through a roller coaster ride of dynamic builds and gentle drops. With all that is going on in the song, it is surprising just how damn listenable the song is, I guess it proves that great song writing is not just throwing interesting ideas together but is about making them coalesce into a solid and pleasing form. Musical alchemy at it’s finest, in fact if this was the 17th Century, The Musicians Union would probably have Lunacre burned on charges of witchcraft.

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