New Music of The Day – XXXV : Choose Your Enemy – Thee Faction

10996355_938440319530043_6299840911717110396_nSo there I was bemoaning the fact that there  is very little political opinion, social commentary or rabble rousing to be found in music these days and this little gem appears on my radar. Punchy riffs and wonderfully entertaining, its bright colours and accessibility are the perfect disguise to covertly spread the message of discontent. Whilst dour and overly earnest protest singers are turned away at the borders of mainstream acceptability, this will sneak past the guards, an intelligent wolf in a groovy sheeps clothing. As someone more eloquent than me put it recently – “All wars traditionally have had marching bands and comradely singing, so why not the Class War?” Strike up the band, man the barricades, prepare to repel all borders and snap up Thee Factions gloriously titled Reading, Writing, Revolution: The Tendency of the Rate of Profit to Fall” when it comes out on 8th June.

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