New Music of The Day – XXXII: Danish Longball – Wyldest

10407052_774034392662307_1668943267993678268_nWith a full blown Shoegaze rival underway, it is only natural that alongside the resurrected careers of those bands that defined the genre first time around, new spiritual leaders are elected. Wyldest may very well prove part of the new regime. Operating in a place where delicate dream-pop washes up and erodes more tangible shoe gazing shorelines, they manage to build songs that seem part of the natural world rather than inhabiting it. Gossamer threads of musical beauty hover in the air, hazy vocals build like the rising wind and their songs seem more like elemental and ancient sounds rather than the results of the modern world. Latest song, Danish Longball, pushes the band further toward the more wistful end of the musical canon to be surrounded by the echoes of The Cocteau Twins and a host of long lost 4AD acts. It may be a strange, otherworldly place but at least they are in good company.

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