New Music of The Day – XXVI : Without Me – Dani Blue

19202_10153187772093351_2408926240294231944_nOften anyone with an acoustic guitar and a song gets labelled folk or worse the meaningless term “singer-songwriter” by a press eager to put things into a pigeon hole. I’m sure Dani Blue has fallen foul of that attitude more than once but hers is a style that deserves further consideration. A singer that writes songs? Of course. A folk vibe running through it? Well, yes, but there is so much more as well. Soulful, heart felt emotions, the slight feel of country traditions and a string of references that take in everything from Tracy Chapman, Sheryl Crow and the atmospheric qualities that you rarely find outside Damian Rice albums all mix with a contemporary freshness that should mark Dani Blue out as more than just someone beholden to existing musical templates.

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