New Music of The Day – XX : Valentine – Alice and The Lovers

aatl-website-headerNewcomers Alice & the Lovers are set to release their debut single, ‘Valentine’ on February 14th via Shaking All Over Records. The four-piece, currently residing in East London, consist of songwriter Alice Offley, her sister Amy and Rio Tasia on guitar, and Rosie Lefevre on drums.

Swindon-born Alice had been brought up on classic records and piano playing. Claiming that her musical influences go far back into classic pop history, she cites various retro country starts, such as Elvis and Loretta Lynn, as her personal influences, and started the band in her bedroom ‘as a producer wanting to recreate the old girl group sound’.

Alice & the Lovers manage to combine the sounds of grungy, female-fronted garage bands like Hole and Garbage, with a 50’s country-esque twist. Check out the video for ‘Valentine’ below:


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