New Music of The Day – XLVII: Heard – Roy’s Iron DNA

10470929_1068815189802109_6896757265923217642_nMusical Landscapes change and do so with ever increasing speed. Music now has little physical form, live shows are being replaced by streams and feeds and music videos are becoming a major player again. Where once they were the advert for the product, now increasingly they are the product. The wonderfully named Roy’s Iron DNA have grasped this idea and run with it and built a whole artist project around the concept. Musically they blend lusciously dark yet solid trip-hop beats, razor wire guitar lines and grooves so intoxicating that you want to elope, set up a home and raise a family with.

But it is in the distribution of the album that something truly revolutionary is taking place. In their words  –  

The album, entitled ‘Exposure’, will be released as a tabloid style newspaper with each page scannable with a smart-phone/tablet app enabling the reader to play an individually commissioned video for a track from the album. 10,000 copies of the newspaper will be distributed to 250+ outlets across the length and breadth of Scotland and will be entirely free of charge ensuring an estimated 100,000 readership!

Available everywhere from music shops and cafes to galleries, pubs, clubs, colleges and universities the publication will herald a new dawn for album releases. No other act has combined augmented reality with visual art and music in such a way before.

Heard by Roy’s Iron DNA (video by AJ Sykes) from ROYSIRONDNA on Vimeo.

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